Placenta starting to fail

Discussion in 'Gestational Complications' started by Charm23, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Charm23

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    Jul 13, 2017
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    I'm 36+5. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28w and have remained diet-controlled.
    Yesterday, I had a massive shock at a growth scan when I was told my baby is no longer following her growth scan and so they will be inducing me on Monday 13th due to my placenta beginning to fail.
    She is estimated to weigh 6lb 8oz right now and will be full term when born.
    Has anyone had similar issues?
  2. chellesama

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    Jun 27, 2012
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    I did with Rajeev, though we didn't know that's what was going on until Pathology looked at my placenta (it was sent because I was pre-term labor/emergency c-section for leaking fluid and mal-presentation). He was 36 weeks on the dot, 5lbs 8.8 oz, and didn't need a moment in the NICU. He had to be woken for feedings for a little while, but he's a solid, healthy little boy hitting his milestones. (According to his parents. Recent pictures show that he and his brother are both unfairly beautiful boys.)

    I know it's scary, but your aware of it now so you can be vigilant about movements and your doctor is ready to deliver your baby at any sign of trouble. That they feel they can wait a few extra days is pretty reassuring.

    You're both in my thoughts, and I'm wishing you a speedy and easy delivery.
  3. swedengirl

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    Dec 4, 2016
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    Turned out I did but Didnt really know until birth! Was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 30ish weeks but it was deemed pretty mild at the time. At 36+6 days I got substantially worse and a growth scan revealed DD had IUGR (reduced growth). The next day at 37 weeks my labour started spontaneously and my DD was born at a tiny 4lbs4oz. They say I had much more severe preeclampsia than realised by my midwife and it’s a placenta issue so she had reduced growth. BUT she was perfectly healthy (no nicu) and caught up extremely quickly to bear her curve. Shes still à little on the small side but not dramatically. She did have reflux but other than that perfect. Now shes 2 and was assessed as a gifted child at the level of a 4/5 Year old. So try not to stress too much! Keep a watch on movements and fingers crossed all goes well!
  4. Demotivated

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    Mar 22, 2014
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    I had this with my second one. Grade 3 maturity started from 32weeks only and by 37weeks scan it was very calcified with blood flow highly impaired. I had him at 37w4d. Born at lil under 6lbs via csec butI no stay in NICU needed or any other issues. We came home on day 3 and at 3.5months he is growing very well

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