PLEASE READ! - Retained placenta after csection

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    Just looking for some insight/advice on others experiences and if they were similar

    I was sent for an u/s today (9w1d Pp) and within half hour of leaving my apt, my Dr office called. They received my results and I needed to get to the ER asap for d&c...

    I went in and it was a night mare to say the least. After being there for nearly 7 hours, I was told to go home and wait it out a few more weeks.... With that and two of the worst nurses I've sewn, I signed myself out against medical advice as the Dr was called off for surgery and already said they werent doing anything. Clearly the nurse weren't a fan of me by this point either lol.

    I really feel like something is just not right. I've not had any other consistent symptoms besides the bleeding but there's always clots/tissue (small pieces that were of no concern apparently due to size) I'm going back for a second opinion tomorrow at a new hospital tomorrow but just looking for other experiences with this. I also found out as I was leaving the woman that told me she was the Dr was infact only a resident.

    Not saying she can't do the same job. Just that I probably wouldn't have left haha.

    Tia ladies!

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