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    I have a friend who went through a very very hard time. I hope this helps a few of you woman to push to having your baby... VERY long

    My little story with the birth of Bradley my third child. Hopefully this becomes inspiration or a warning to push for what you want.

    Just a small back ground when I was first checked at 36wks5days, my cervix was ready now baby was at -1 and pushing down. Cervix was soft, doctor did not think I would make it the week. Went in at 38wks to l/d contractions 4-5 min apart went from a 1-3 in 1 hour, they had me walk around and he has been at -3 ever since that walk and my cervix was than pulled very high.

    For 2.5 weeks I was pretty much in pre-labor. Constant contractions and a lot of pain. Most days I couldn't even get out of bed without crying. I felt like I was in hell and I was starting to get very stressed and worried.

    So at 39wks 2days, I started cramping pretty good about 8-10mins and as I walked they were getting stronger and longer. When I got home they were about 5-7 min hubby and I decided to wait an hour to two and see where it goes from there. Still getting stronger and when I walk it was hurting even worse and start to get sharp pains. At 8pm we finally decide to go in I can barley walk and in tears by this point. When we get their my doctor is actually at the desk (waiting on a gal that is almost a 10). He told me at that point we being having a baby tonight if my cervix has shown progress or if my blood pressure was high yet again. Here I was just a bit excited cause with all the pain I knew I had to have some change but even with all this my mommy instincts still said something was wrong. They hook me up contractions were about 4-5 mins a part and my doctor decided to check me instead of the nurse. This turned into being very painful, we find out baby is still very high doctor said if I am lucky a -3, I was dilated to a 4 and 75%. Doctor has always told me if you are a 4 you stay. My blood pressure was also still a bit high. Doctor said lets monitor you for an hour see if anything else happens your blood pressure goes up any more I will keep you. He also at this time stated he would break my water but with the baby not pushing down 75% chance we end up in emergency c-section cause he is worried that the cords will get pinched. An hour goes by my contractions are getting very strong and lasting a good 70 secs, I was still in tears. During this time hubby is watching baby heartbeat and we noticed a good 10 times it was dropping below 120 :( (during non-contractions), at this point I am still pretty worried. Hour goes by I am still a 4 and 75%. My blood pressure was still higher than before but they decided to send me home. Doctor comes in and explains he could try to help labor along but with how the baby is it would most likely do no good and end up in a c-section. We are trying everything to not have a c-section cause I had both of my other kids perfectly fine with no issues. At this point I am very frustrated only cause I am in so much pain and expressed my concerns about the baby being so high. I am afraid that maybe he is already stuck cause of his cord. He hasn't been moving as much which was all told to my doctor and you would think with his heart rate it would be a concern to at least get an ultrasound and see what is going on.

    The next day I wake up in even more pain and really can't walk. I barely got out of bed all day. I really didn't want to go to L/D with all the false alarms and cause I could feel the baby was up still pretty high. I deal with 5-7 min contractions at home from 11am-3pm, at 3pm they went to 3-4mins apart, than at 5pm my contractions were about 1-2 mins apart. We decided to head in.

    We get to the hospital about 7:30. Nurse checks me I am about a 5cm and baby has now started to lower. They call doctor and he heads in. He gets there about 8pm checks me and decides baby is lower enough to not be at risk so he says lets get this really going and breaks my water. What a relief I am finally going to have my baby boy!!!

    At about 9pm my contractions were so hard I was having a hard time breathing and concentrating. I started to feel pressure. The nurse check me and from what she could tell I was an 8cm. I think woot its almost over. Of course at this point I was in so much pain I was ready to be over. Doctor comes in and I am only a 8cm on the out but still only about a 6.5-7cm in but baby was pushing down At this point even though I wanted a natural birth like the girls I opted to try the IV meds that is suppose to take the edge off. Yeah no luck! So I ended up getting an Epidural. By 10:00 I was finally able to relax. I could still feel some of the contractions but I was able to breathe so much better.

    Around 11pm I started to feel pressure. I got checked and we were almost ready to start pushing just had a little bit more to go. Bad thing is they had to put me on Oxygen cause Bradley's vitals looked a little low. He was also still very high and it was going to take a lot of pushing to get him out. 11:30pm we are pushing, and pushing and pushing. OMG I swear this took for ever. Here it is midnight and we are still pushing! Finally 12:30 we start the finally pushes and try to turn him cause he decided he wanted to come out sunny side up, which explains for all the pains and hour of pushing. 4/9/09 12:35am on Thursday he is finally here! They put him up on my chest and I got to touch him before they took him to get weighted and measured. He was a very big boy 9lbs 1oz, 21 inches long. He was also doing a wheezing noise so they had a nicu nurse come in and check him out. Of course I have no idea what is going on cause I had some pretty bad tears that required a lot of time to take care off. Josh was able to get a few pictures of him screaming. That was the last time I would see Bradley for almost 5 hours .

    I finally get to get into the Nicu to see him and I wanted to cry. He was hooked up to all kinds of machines, had a tube in his mouth, IV in his hand, on Oxygen. I couldn't believe that after all this and him being full term he was having issues. They took the tube out of his mouth around 9am and I finally got to try and breastfeed him at 10am. By Thursday evening the doctors were letting me feed him every 3 hours. Friday morning around 11am, they had the IV out and he was off the oxygen. We also got to start demand feeding him. He was looking a lot better and if all went well we could bring him home Saturday.

    Saturday morning I was discharged but could stay until midnight. I went in to feed Bradley around 8:30am and the doctor was there. He explained that though Bradley looks fine his blood work show that he is fighting an infection. They want to keep him 3 more days for IV antibiotics. As long as blood work was good Tuesday morning he would be able to go home.

    Tuesday we finally get to bring him home and he has been doing great every since!

    I can't stop but think if I had pushed the doctor more my baby wouldn't have had to go through this. Pretty much he was wheezing cause the bottom part of his lungs got squished coming out the birth canal. They are not even really sure he had an infection it was just precaution. Hopefully this helps someone and gives hope that though you maybe be in pre-labor for weeks I promise it will finally be over with soon :)
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    Wow! thanks for sharing your story with everyone. I am happy for you. Congrats by the way hun.
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    What a story as somebody who as been in preterm labour twice and none progressive labour whatever thats is since friday i can relate to not wanting to bother l/d but know if my pains change i will xxx
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    Thanks for that, what an ordeal she had, glad all worked out though, take care :hugs: XX
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    what an inspiring story, I am so glad everything is ok

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