Possible dyspraxia

Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by Peanut78, Jan 25, 2011.

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    I posted this in special needs support, but it isn't viewed very regularily so thought I would try here as well....

    My son had a problem with alignment in his pelvis and as a result did not sit until very late. He was eventually referred for chiro and physio and was sitting quite quickly after. However, doctors and phsyio always said he would "catch up quickly", but he didn't. It took him a long time to crawl (past 12 months) and he is still not walking independently now at 18 months (although I don't think we are too far off). He does not speak (no words at all). Although he does make a variety of noieses, he doesn't "babble" in the sense of dadadada etc. In addition, I have noticed that he is behind other children in terms of activies, for example posting (he will take things out, but not put then back), pointing at objects when named (he will point at things, but not when you ask where they are or name them) etc. Otherwise, he is a very cheerful little chappie, eats relatively well and interacts socially.

    He is being referred to an OT to assess whether he may have dyspraxia. I am relieved that they will be looking into why he is consistently delayed in his development, but also pretty scared as I know next to nothing about dyspraxia except it may be a learning difficulty he would have for life. Anyone have any experience with dyspraxia?

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    I dont knw anything about dyspraxia but I hope somebody can answer any questions you might have :flower:
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    I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia and Dyslexia when I was 11. I know its not the same as being diagnosed as a toddler. I was offered to go see someone to help with the Dyspraxia but I refused to go so my mum just let it be. I did have problems with my motor co-ordination skills. I had poor balance which meant I couldn't get the hang of riding a bike. Games such a tennis and badminton were a no no and was constantly 'clumsy'. Bumping into things, triping over things.

    When I was in primary school, I had difficulty writing in the lines and holding the pens properly. Its then they started to question whether I had it or not. I know they spoke to my mum a few times but don't really know what was said. I found once I accepted I had it and became clued up on what it was, I just avoided the thing I simply couldn't do and concentrated on the things I could.

    I can drive a car no problems (has to be an automatic though) and do things everyone else does. I honestly don't feel it held me back in anything I have achieved or tried to achieve in life.

    I'm not sure if anything above has help, but I hope it does. x x x xx

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