Possible miscarriage?

Discussion in 'Miscarriage Support' started by clairebs25, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Sorry for the essay, but if someone could take the time to read and reply, I'd be so grateful as I feel so alone.
    I had been with my boyfriend for a couple of months and about 2 and a half weeks ago started to feel nauseous, no appetite, hot, dizzy, head-achy and weak. I didn't feel quite right, but I brushed it aside as it was too early to take a test. A couple of days later I went to the toilet and started to bleed pretty heavily which lasted for 2 days, with about 3 more days of light blood. The pain was like way more intense period cramps than usual and I was pooing a lot at the same time which is pretty unusual for me. I could feel it, it didn't make sense to me but i could feel a difference in my body. I realized I'd probably miscarried from researching it which left me feeling odd, I hadn't known I was pregnant but the thought of losing it was awful. It hit me pretty bad that this could have happened and my boyfriend couldn't understand why I was so down - "it was in you but now it's not, what's the problem?" were his exact words as he dumped me about a week after it happened. This was on Tuesday morning and I had started to feel slightly physically better, was managing to eat a little and could go about my day without feeling too dizzy or weak. Obviously I feel devastated that he could be so cruel and let me go through this on my own and I've spent the last few days crying my eyes out. However, a day later I started to get brown discharge, my tummy felt tender and I had some cramps. I have also been pooing even more which relieves the cramping. I went to the doctor who made me take a test and it had a faint positive (i had previously taken a test on the day my period was due after the bleeding had stopped to see if I could still be pregnant and it was negative) Hes booked me in for a scan on Tuesday and told me to treat it as if I'm pregnant until then (e.g no alcohol) and the discharge has stopped. I feel like if I have definitely lost it that it will be like going through it all over again all on my own but if I am pregnant what am I going to do? I messaged my ex to tell him what was happening as I thought he deserved to know but I've had no reply and I work with him and he didn't bother turning up today. My hormones are all over the place and I feel so incredibly hurt and alone even though friends and family have been great. My appetite has gone again and the nausea seems to be back with a vengeance and I cant seem to leave the house without being dizzy or feeling feint. I just wondered if anyone could tell me what to expect...does it sound like its gone or could it still be there? I'm so conflicted in what I want the scan to show, but I don't think I can cope without him. Thanks if you took the time to read and reply xx
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    Hi hun,

    So sorry you are going through this!

    Have you had another test done since your post?

    Ive had 5 miscarriages and know what you are going through all too well.

    My miscarriages started around 6-11 weeks and all were relatively different to one another.

    The last one seems similar to what you are going through, but in saying that, I dont mean for you to lose hope as all pregnancies are different.

    I started to bleed heavily around 5 weeks, but a week later when the bleeding stopped, I was testing positive. I booked a 6 week scan and they found a sac, but no embryo.

    I was told to come back a week later to see if the baby had developed, but ended up miscarrying before then.

    They told me it was a suspected blighted ovum, which meand that the embryo nevet formed, but my body recognized the pregnancy and was doing its best to hold on.

    This can be caused by things such as a bad egg or 2 sperm fertiling the egg.

    I hope that your pregnancy is ok and im glad you have family supporting you.

    Its sad to read about your boyfriends reaction, but im not sure if since you posted, you have spoken to him about it.

    This forum helps a lot when you are feeling down.

    Feel free to message me if you need a friend.


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