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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by xPH03N1Xx, Jan 25, 2011.

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    So i have been trawling these forums pretty much frequently during my 2WW.. I'm currently somewhere between 11 dpo and 13 dpo, (its kind of a miracle i havent gone crazy waiting!) I've decided not to test until the 27th (2 days from now) because BFNs depress me!

    I have had every single symptom under the sun, which kind of makes me think im being a bit paranoid.. or im paying too much attention..

    O cramps, the extreme exhaustion which hasn't let up (which is unusual for me), and then headaches at least once a day, which is also unusual, cramping from 5dpo to 8dpo, very very slight spotting in between there, i had to leave work 12 times to pee one day. iv had heart burn, bleeding gums, sore boobs, and funny blue veins in my very very hot feet, iv been very very hungry! and iv had some nausea, but that could have been from eating too much..

    anyway, AF is due in about 36 hours (very regular) and i started cramping again last night and all through today.. and im starting to lose hope :( im really trying to have faith that my symptoms aren't just wishful thinking, and that this is our month!

    has anyone else actually been this sensitive during their 2WW??

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