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Discussion in 'Postnatal Support' started by turbo_mom, Dec 11, 2007.

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    So it`s been 4 weeks since I had my c-section. How long can I expect to bleed for? I had alot of heavy bleeding and that started to subisde. Over the last week it's been pretty light and for the last few days I was only using a panty liner. Than all of a sudden today i'm back to an always pad because the bleeding has picked up a bit and alot heavier than it has been this last week. Could I be getting a period already??
    Is it normal to have bleeding get light then get heavy again and just go back and forth? I hope the bleeding stops soon so that I can give Jay a nice christmas present if you know what I mean ;)
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    Bleeding from your c-section shouldn't be any different than bleeding from a natural delivery. But it really could take any ammount of time hun. I had a c-section and I bled for 9 weeks, although that's not the norm. There was a thread about post-partum bleeding before, and I believe the "normal" range listed by other women was 3-4 weeks. Sometimes that last light bleeding takes forever to stop! Good luck hun!
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    well after my last c-section i bled for about 6 weeks and was told to expact that anyway so i didnt find it out of the norm, i was told though that if it became very clotty (sorry gory) after 2 weeks then i should go see the doc, i think the bleeding your experiancing is pretty normal for post surgery so i wouldnt worry but if u do feel anxious about it then see the doc im sure he/she can reasure u thats things are fine.
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    I bled for ages.....can't remember how long, but I know it seemed for ever! And just as I thought it was coming to an end, it came back with avengeance! :( This is very normal and can sometimes be related to whether you have worked harder or something like that......just remember to take it easy and not to over work yourself hun! It will stop soon, some women bleed for 9-10 weeks. :hugs:x

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