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    Just been looking at the symptoms of pre-eclampsia as i remember the midwife telling me that if my hands and feet swell and i get bad headaches then i need to contact her as it may be pre-eclampsia. i got told this when i went to see her for getting migrains. (i'd never had them before, so didnt know what was going on)

    anyway, recently my hands have been swelling up, but thought nothing off it until this evening when they've swollen up more as i cant get my ring off. also my feet have swollen and im getting migraines again. So decided to have a quick look at the symtoms online..

    if you have it, do you have to have all the symtoms, as i only have 3 which are
    •sudden, severe swelling of your face, hands or feet (although i dont think my face has swollen)
    •severe headaches
    •problems with your vision, such as blurring or flashing before your eyes

    I also fall into 3 of the catagories listed for possible causes:

    •You are pregnant for the first time
    •You were obese before becoming pregnant, with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more.
    •You already have a medical problem, such as kidney disease or high blood pressure.

    Ive got a scan and appointment with my consultant on the 9th feb. should i just keep an eye on things and wait til then, or contact my midwife on monday? i only had a check up on thursday, so surely something wouldve been noticeable then?

    im doing what my mum told me not too and reading things lol. theres probably nothing to worry about
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    I think you should definately contact someone sooner rather than later, pre e can appear quickly and it's better to be checked out and it be nothing than leave it if it is!
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    It's best to get it checked out. It could just be normal preggo swelling but if your BP is high and your urine is testing positive for protein, you could be in need of some serious medical assistance. I had it twice and was monitored really closely for it as it can worsen overnight and cause major consequences for mum and bubs.

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