Pregnancy after a loss

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    I’m currently 37, I’m (i think) in my 4th pregnancy. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 5 months in 2008. I got pregnant with my son in April of 2009, and delivered him in October of 2009 at 29 weeks.
    I September, I found out that after almost 9 years of u protected sex with my husband that we were once again pregnant. On 9/14, I started spotting while at work and by the next morning, I was full on bleeding and cramping. I didn’t go in, I just let it happen at home. I bled for about a week... since then, I have not gotten my period. For the past week or so, I’ve been feeling off. Sick in the morning and very tender breasts. I took a pregnancy test today and it showed positive the second my urine hit the stick. After my first miscarriage, it took a while to get pregnant again, and I’m finding myself in complete shock right now. I’m either freashly pregnant after only having had sex twice since I misscarried or I never misscarried to begin with.
    Has anyone else ever gotten pregnant so quickly after a miscarriage?

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