Pregnancy having tubes tied

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Over 35' started by Icca19, May 10, 2022.

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    Hello ladies, I’m coming here to see f there’s anyone out there who has had their tubes tied and gotten pregnant?
    I spent years on here struggling with TTC and after 2 years it finally happened. Then happened again and again so after having 4 kids I decided to get my tubes tied.
    I’m 39 now, my tubes have been tied for just over 5 years. I know it’s a very very very low chance but I’m on day 21 and my boobs hurt SO bad. They’re sensitive. I’m tired a lot. It’s just that lingering question….. what if?!
    I figured this forum might be a good place to start because I’ve been reading and it seems common with older women who have had their tubes toed for years.
    So if anyone has a story to share I’d appreciate it. Thanks
  2. cheerios

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    Sep 11, 2009
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    Were / are you pregnant? It happened to my hairdresser! She got her tubes tied but she got pregnant with her daughter! She said the tubes untied themselves!

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