Pregnant after 2 emergency csections

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    I just found out i am pregnant with my 3rd child. My son was born in 2012, i went in to labor and after 24 hours ended up having a csection as he was showing signs of distress with his heart rate.
    My daughter was born in January 2020, i was going to try for vbac, but at 38 weeks pregnant i was worried i might be having reduced movements. I got to the hospital to be checked and her movements were fine, but luckily i had gone, as her heart rate was far too high. They monitored me for a while and it wasnt coming down, they decided they would try induce my labor due to this, but then her heart rate started dropping too low. It was then decided very quickly they needed to do a cesction and get her out. This really worries me, because had i not gone in with reduced movements (especially since her movements were ok) i worry what could of happened.

    Anyway so now i am pregnant again, i am eager for my first midwife appointment. I was told i would have a csection again when i had my daughter, but i am wondering if a 3rd csection would put me under high risk? Does anyone know if they may deliver this baby earlier than 39 weeks due to what happend in 2020, and with that being less than 2 years ago if that changes anything too?

    Just wondered if anyone has experience similar. I hope they will monitor me more closely due to what happened with my daughter.


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