Problems with MA- Now what do I do? :(

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by babeygalnina, Mar 28, 2011.

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    I got a letter back today from the Jobcentre about my Maternity Allowance (I'm not entitled to SMP because I wasn't working for my employer for long enough- I was already two months pregnant when I started the job) so I applied for MA.

    They told me I couldn't get it because I hadn't been working for long enough during my test period. Now, when they told me to write down my test period, mine was 17/03/11 to 22/05/11 as I am due 27th May, of course i wouldn't be working then, as I am now on maternity leave, which I took at 29 weeks due to stress (long story short, as soon as my deputy manager was told I was pregnant, she took a sudden hate to me and made my life hell- I had told them when I was 13 weeks, so I was pretty amazed in my self that I managed to get to 29 weeks without a breakdown!)

    I don't know if I have gotten confused somewhere along the line. I gave them everything they asked for and had no problem with that, but I don't understand the test period.

    Now, I have little saved- paying the rent and sorting a few bills has left me with £900 in my bank. My hubby's income won't support the rent every month, let alone all the bills as well and we still have things for the baby to buy like a pram and a car seat.

    Is there any money I am entitled to or do I need to appeal about the MA?
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    I have just applied for MA myself, as far as I understand you must've worked 26 weeks of your 66 week test period, so a little over a year. So your tesperiod must've started somewhere in March 2010 not 2011?

    You then have to provide them with payslips for 13 weeks out of these at least 26 weeks so they can calculate how much you're entitled to.

    If you haven't worked 26 weeks in your test period you won't be able to get MA but you'll have to be looking at income support or Employment and Support Allowance.

    Check out this link:

    I hope I have helped and that you can sort it!!

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    Hun I feel your pain with the hatred once pregnant at work ! I'm struggling at work big time. I've been so pushed out, I'm just hanging on in there as my work is changing its maternity policy from statutory to something enhanced, so I'm prayng it gets done soon! I tell you what, work and money must be one of the most stressful things about pregnancy.

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