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    I know there have been a few of these posts recently and I was a bit dubious how good the pics would be....BUT I had a photoshoot on Friday which included having my make up done and photos for approx an hour in all for £25 (i had a code from another B&B-er). I wanted a momento to remember my pregnancy by. Their studio is an all female studio and they made me feel very relaxed, confident and comfortable. I went to he Chelmsford branch in essex, but there are others around the country (FYEO portraits)

    The photos came back today...and they are amazing!! I am struggling to choose which ones I want! (I plan to have it blown up on to a black and white canvas for our bedroom to remember bubba in my tum)

    Anyways...I have a code which will get you £50 off a shoot and in return gives me another free photo. Please PM me if you are interested in it and will gladly pass it on to you.

    Is DEFINATELY worth doing in my opinion. My best friend came with me and she really enjoyed the day too. Just struggling to choose my fav pics now :S

    Jen :) x x x

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