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    So I had my 1st Beta and progesterone level drawn this morning. We're expecting bad weather and up to 20 inches of snow this week so my OB's office closed at 2:30 today and will for sure be closed tomorrow. So when I called at 4pm to see if my results were back yet and found this out I was not a happy camper. So, I called the hospital and they paged the NP on call for him. She didn't call back so 20 min later I did and they got her on the line for me. I explained the situation to her and she didn't know what to do either. Normally she said she would be able to call the doctor on call and have them look up my lab results but they shut the whole system down and that wouldn't be possible so to call back Wednesday and see if they're open. UM NO! I told her I would hate for my progesterone level to be too low and lose my baby because they are closed for snow and asked if they could call in a script for Prometrium, she said she didn't know if the on call doc would be comfortable with that but she didn't see a problem with it. So 2 minutes later I get a call back with good news! She said the on call doc called in the script for me and for me to do the vaginal insertion every night at bedtime until 13 weeks. I'm so happy! I hope this pregnancy sticks and we end up with a healthy happy baby!

    So here's a question. Have any of you ladies used this before or are using it now? What have your results been? Any side effects?

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