proper lunch ideas? and what to swap purees with?

Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by nicole_, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. nicole_

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    Oct 21, 2010
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    im stuck what else he could have?
    he doesnt like sandwhiches so i cant do them.
    he has toast with full fat cheese spread every lunch with organix finger food bits and a pot of fruit puree.
    ive thought of cheesy low fat + sugar beans..
    thats about it
    hes fine with lumps and finger foods etc

    also, i want to stop buying jars of puree, but we have dinner too late for him to join us, and im not sure what to replace with. he'll eat toast/fruit etc as above although crusts and bits fall on the floor, so i think if i stop the jars he wont be getting enough? as for dinner he'll have a whole 7 month jar and a fruit one/yogurt so i cant see him eating enough to substitute that
  2. haggle-b

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    Mar 16, 2010
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    For dinner, could you save some of what you have and store in the fridge for your LO to have reheated the next day. Ive done this when we have eaten late for things like shepherds pie, casseroles. You could also batch cook something like this and freeze suitable portion sizes for your LO, defrosting and heating up each day. Another quick meal I do is baby pasta mixed with pasta sauce (heinz do a bolognese sauce), only takes about 15/20 mins to prepare and cook, I add grated carrot or sweetcorn to this. The odd night our LO also has spaghetti hoops with smilies and fishfingers, this again only takes 20 odd mins to prepare. We had ages with LO wanting his tea at 4.30 and we dont eat until 5.45 so I was in the same position as you. Luckily now he is 14m I can give him a snack at 4.00 and he has tea with us at 5.45 whcih makes life so much easier!!

    Unfortunately I cant really help with lunch ideas, my LO likes toast and sandwiches but he is fussy over the fillings, he has cheese spread everyday in his sandwich at lunch and marmite on toast for brekky. Ive tried other fillings but he wont eat them (has refused jam, choc spread, meat paste, and will pull out ham and leave the bread if offered that). What about scrambled egg on toast? Or a little selection of ham, cheese, cucumber, cherry toms etc?
  3. stary-eyed

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    Jul 19, 2010
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    for lunch, what about :

    Scrambled egg on toast (I add finely chopped tomato too) with or without beans.
    Bits of fish (the canned ones in tomato sauce - check carefully for bones and watch the salt/sugar content tho) on toast.
    Perhaps try something on pitta bread in a "make your own pizza" style.
    If you can cook, my LO likes finger sized slices of quiche and potato tortilla.

    I also found my LO likes tuna melt paninis (or tuna & cheese toasties as they are at home!) - in fact, mainly she likes anything I look like I'm eating, so often I just make a plateful of suitable items and we share.

    For tea, I do as the poster above suggested - save portions of our suitable dinners to be reheated the next day etc.
  4. dawnrise

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    Jun 23, 2010
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    I also make up meals in advance. Stews, currys, spag bol, cottage pie and freeze a couple of portions at a time. can be served with rice, mashed pot etc. Also for lunch I have done omellete, fish fingers, pasta with veg, veg sticks and homous, crackerbread and cheese, toasties. He sometimes has a bigger meal at lunch, depends on his appetite. I also stew apples, pears, plums etc, he has mashed bannana and custard and I have made rice pudding etc. Hope this helps.
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    Nov 28, 2009
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    I make him "pasties"

    take a ready pie crust and cut it into pieces. fill with different items and mash the edges with a fork and bake.

    Potato and cheese, brocolli n chicken n cheese, hamburger n cheese. all favorites and it comes apart easily so is a great food to introduce as a finger food

    *I cook everything first!!!

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