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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by elainegee, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    I have had migraines since i was around 12ish years old. Luckily though i only experience maybe 2-3 a year and they would always be months apart.

    With my daughter i don't remember having one migraine throughout the whole pregnancy, although remember having one about two weeks after she was born.

    This time around i have had 4 since i found out i was pregnant, two being within the last week. However they ain't as severe i don't seem to get the sickness feeling, all i get is the visual disturbance, which warns me one is coming on and then a really heavy sore head and sensitive eyes.

    What worries me is i have been feeling really out of breath on just resting and sometimes feel like my heart is beating out my chest, when i am doing nothing! When i get into bed i feel like i really need to struggle to catch my breath. I have mentioned this a few times to midwifes/dr's and they check my pulse and BP and they always say it ok.

    Reading up on it i found that migraine can also suggest a problem with the cardiovasular system, this is what is worrying me, because i have had 4 since i was pregnant which is more than i ever get in a year. I have an appointment with my consultant next monday so i am planning on telling him my fears and see what he thinks.

    I was just wondering if anyone else with migraines feels like this or perhaps had more migraines with different symptoms and if so did you tell the consultant / dr and what did they say?

    I know i will be ok, but i have just felt that ill throughout this pregnancy (SPD is a main factor) and the fact i cant walk the length of myself without feeling totally knackered makes me feel there is something else wrong... total pessimist i know. Any comments most welcome!
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    Aug 8, 2009
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    i have had a headache/migraine for the past 5 days. i also feel really weak and dizzy, can't stand for very long as i feel faint and have pain and presure behind my right eye :(
  3. DizzyMoo

    DizzyMoo Guest

    Hiya hun, I've suffered with migraines since i was around 15/16 & like you seemed to get a full on migraine every so many months but odd head aches in between. With my 1st pregnancy i got the worlds monster of a migraine for a full 5 days then the week after when i was better i discovered i was pregnant. I don't remember having any other migraines throughout that pregnancy but this pregnancy i've had about 4 so far & when i mentioned it to the consultant at the hospital they weren't to bothered, they checked me out anyway & suggested an eye test which i'd not long had anyway (which ruled out my eyes as the cause). Anyway so far the docs seem to be fine with it , So i guess if i was having other symptoms that may lead them to look into it further but the symptoms i get & describe so far they are fine with & just gave me cocodamols .

    Don't get over worried about what you read online hun, speak to the docs 1st & go from there. x
  4. Rachel_C

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    I had a month or two of lots of migraines, and they were slightly different to my normal ones. I finally worked out that they were caused by sleeping with too many pillows and getting a sore neck. I think our bodies have so much to cope with in pregnancy that any little thing like that can set a migraine off. Whenever I mentioned it to my doctor, she wasn't bothered and just checked that I was coping. It's worth talking to your doctor about it but I wouldn't worry too much. Remember that your body is working for two people now so you're bound to get out of breath more easily.
  5. Katieeeee

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    Ive got exactly the same as you. But theyre not the usual migraines I get which are rare like yours, I just get the visual aura in my right eye, numbness down my left side and then when it's finished I chat gobshite for about an hour and can't get my words out or make sense to anyone. It's really scary. I get one a week, maybe more. I was supposed to have an mri scan but they cancelled it due to me being pregnant (duh)...I never have a clue what brings it on and there's eff all I can do about it :( I hope you feel better soon hun xxx
  6. Maffie

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    Hi I have been suffering migraines since I was 9, so over 20 years. They vary in severity but symptoms i've had include, severe pain, visual disturbance including loss of sight (only for a few seconds at a time), Severe vomiting, fever, racing heart, Spinning/dizzy sensations, loss of sensation in limbs. Ive had two migraine since getting pregnant. The first was severe and couldn't get out of bed, second was milder but laster 4 days. I asked consultant about them and he said hormones can change migraine patterns and to keep a record of them, if they keep coming then to see my gp as they know the history behind me attacks.

    I hope they ease for you soon :hugs:

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