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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by xBabycakes, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. xBabycakes

    xBabycakes Guest

    hi girls

    i'm relatively new here and quite worried. i posted in the teen section (i'm only 15) but i have a question that maybe you could help me answer.

    my period at the moment is 2 weeks and 4 days late. the reason how i got into this situation is complicated and it appears unlikely that i'd be pregnant, but i orginally posted a week ago and my AF still hasn't arrived.

    I did have some strong symptoms, but in the last few days they seem to have disappeared. i also tested once on the 1st april - :bfn: and again on the 8th april - :bfn:

    Last night i went to pee, and when i wiped i noticed some brown discharge. wahey, i thought, my period had come. i went back to the toilet a little while later, and there was no sign of it. I also remember back on the 26th march (around when my period was actually due) i also had a little brown discharge but disappeared.. could this have been implantation bleeding? but if it had been implantation.. you would have thought the tests would be :bfp:

    my question is if you had implantation bleeding, when did you have it and what did it look like. or any bleeding for that matter in the first trimester. This bleeding i'm experiencing isn't like the start of my normal AF. it's brown and quite stringy? (sorry tmi). Weird thing is after this brown discharge, my CM is back to clear white like it has been for a couple of weeks.

    help, i'm so confused :( i'm a bit hesitant to test again though because i don't want to waste my money if i'm not pregnant.
  2. momnwife

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    Apr 12, 2009
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    Oh My! I'm in need of some advice!!! I am about five days late and i've been spotting brown for a day and a half now! I'm to scared to take a pregnancy test but here's the dealio...My last period was March 4, and my scheduled ovulation was during my spring break vacation in florida, well my fiance and i had unprotected sex and well here it is two and a half weeks later and now i'm spotting brown!

    I'm scared to check cause i just started college and a baby right now wouldn't be the worst but neither the best!
  3. Seraphim

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    Apr 11, 2009
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    Hey Babycakes and momnwife,

    First of all, you can get something like 25 quick tests on ebay for about £2 or £3 - to save you having to spend lots of money. They're private auctions, so won't be visible to anybody snooping on your feedback etc, and the few sellers I've used have been VERY quick at posting them out. They're just the little stick bit you get inside most chemists type tests.

    Or there's always the option of seeing your GP?

    If I'm reading this right... you haven't had a positive test yet? But your period is quite late / disrupted? Lots of things could be upsetting your cycle, so it's best to try and stay calm and speak to a doctor if you can.

    The tests I used gave me a positive before my period was due... so I would hope that 2.5 weeks after due... you should be getting a good result.

    *hug* sorry there's nothing more concrete I can say :/



    Sounds like you need to get your head comfortable with all this.

    I know when I spotted I was scared to take a test incase it came back negative... so in a flipside way I know how crazy it feels.

    I know you know spotting doesn't mean you're not pregnant... As a mum already, test or no test I'm sure you'll start to know if it's happening or not. Doing a test will give you some 'definite' answers though.

    Hoping you both get the results you're hoping for.
    You'll both be fine whatever happens.

    Good luck xx
  4. jennie_78

    jennie_78 Mum to Caitlin, and TTC

    Mar 6, 2009
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    Babycakes- I think you should go and see your gp, if its unlikely that you could be pregnant then it could be anything holding af up. It could even be the worry of wondering why your late, stress can play havoc with your cycle. I not sure what else to advise you really, as you say its unlikely to be pregnant.
    I cant advise on implant bleeding as i didnt have any.

    momnwife- I think you should definatly test. Find out either way.

    Good luck to the both of you.
  5. Fluxuspoem

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    Jul 8, 2008
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    Hi xbabycakes,

    With my previous pregnancy I had implantation spotting 3 days before my expected period. It was brown and stringy and had pains like my period was coming. It lasted on and off for 3 days and then it stopped. After that the pg test came positive.

    In order to be sure, you should buy a hpt to save your self the stress because it may not be a pregnancy but jsut a disrupted circle?

    Big hugs
  6. Caramel

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    Feb 17, 2009
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    Hey hun

    I had an implantation bleed, and it was pretty much like what you described, brown stringy discharge, and only when I wiped - not heavy. Lasted for about 3/4 days, I remember because by that point I was giving up hope of thinking it was implantation and beginning to think it must be my period (we were actively trying). My first :bfp: was a few days after that but it was so faint we weren't sure if it was a positive or some kind of evap. Waited two more days before testing again and got a definite clear :bfp: on about the day my period should have arrived. So if you are pregnant it may take a few days after the bleed to get a positive result. Hope that helps you hun, and know that whatever the result you get it will all work out in the end - these things always do :hugs:

  7. xBabycakes

    xBabycakes Guest

    thanks so much everyone. you've reassured me.

    I say that i might not be pregnant because me and my boyfriend were messing around just 4 days after i finished my period (so not in the most fertile time of the month). Mean, i know how hard it is to get pregnant, but i've heard stories of people who do get pregnant even when on their period. I was talking to my nana and apparently she got pregnant with my mum near her period, and if that hadn't of happened i wouldn't be here!

    the brown CM seems to have stopped for now.. but only time will tell. I'll keep you updated. I was thinking of retesting on wednesday, as my period with be 3 weeks late by then. thanks again.

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