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Discussion in 'Ovulation Tests' started by natbasinger87, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Hi everyone! First I want to start by saying I LOVE this forum, you girls are some of the best out there!

    I'm on cd 18... on cd16 at 8:15 at night I started getting pretty dark/positive lines on my Answer Opk (not digital) this continued at 10 p.m. and then at 5:30 a.m. on cd 17 I got an even darker line... so I went and bought a Clearblue digital OPK and got a smiley (first time ever!) (6 a.m.)

    Well... when I got home from work that day, I took another Clearblue Digital and it was negative, this would be at 1:30 cd 17.. however, my Answer opk was still dark....

    and that brings me to this morning.. again a negative digital opk, but still pretty dark answer opk...

    so confused.. any thoughts??

    (btw, i have pcos, took femara/letrozole cd 3-7 to help o)
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    Jul 3, 2011
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    I think that when you used the CB smiley, that was your surge.

    I used Answer ovulation strips the first time I ever used ovulation strips, and they are notorious for having false positives. Your PCOS might have something to do with it but just because I know how those tests are, I wouldnt think so. BUT it might, the CB digis are not as sensitive I dont think. I would just go with what your smiley said though.

    There is a website called and the woman on there said she used an Answer OPK with WATER and it came out positive. Lol.

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