Quinny Zapp + bag + raincover, turquoise.

Discussion in 'Buy, Swap & Sell' started by Eala, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    Selling my Zapp, as if we use a pushchair at all it tends to be our Oyster!

    It was bought secondhand for my childminder to use, so it does show signs of use. The frame is scuffed at the sides, from when it was taken in and out of a car without using the carry bag. The wheels are still even and not worn down at all, but obviously have been used :haha: The "Quinny" logo on the seat and one of the sides has worn off (replacement stickers can be bought if you really wanted to ;)). There's a couple of marks on the back of the seat (pictured) and the blue part on top of the bag is also marked from being lugged about and in and out of cars.

    The good bit! It's structurally sound, the brakes work fine, and it folds and unfolds smoothly. The colour is still bright and eye-catching. It comes with a raincover which is clear with no cracks or bits missing. I'll also add in an official Quinny parasol clip (as I won't have any use for it :rofl:). It comes with the original instruction booklet. It's a solid, compact stroller which would be great for anyone with a small boot, or for grandparents etc :)

    I'm looking for £60 including postage by courier. Please cover the Paypal fees

    Any questions, or if you want any more photos, please let me know :)






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