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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by ljpossi123, Dec 17, 2009.

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    I'm in a mood - rant warning


    Sorry in advance for the incoherent rant i am about to inflict on you but seeing as you girls are also in the same hormonal position as me i hope you'll forgive me.

    DH started talking to me about work last night and between you and me i just lost it a bit - he was trying to suggest that next year he will be working more in other words he won't be able to help out so much. Now don't get me wrong my DH is amazing and really does help out a lot especially when he knows i'm tired or stressed and like i said between you and me i know i totally over reacted and basically let rip on him a bit about how i have enough on my plate and don't give me more grief!

    He went out half an hour later to a friends which was fine, i knew he had it planned and he was going to be home late and was going to walk home cos he was drinking so i sent a bit of an apologetic text through the evening when i'd calmed down but he never replied. I went to bed about 11 and at 12.30 my dd woke up needing a wee so after i took her and put her back to bed i realised it was really late and he wasn't there so i called his mob. He said he was still at his friend and was getting a lift home soon but i was already annoyed because i'd been worried thinking he was walking plus annoyed cos i'm bloody 8 months pregnant and little things are bloody annoying me at the moment - like having an hour's sleep then having to get up for dd (which he normally does at the mo cos i'm up enough for a wee myself in the night). I basically hung up on him.

    I had watched the amanda holden thing about being a midwife last night which made me cry loads and then watched The Family which also made me cry so when i woke up this morning i was still annoyed from last night, my eyes are puffy and i have a headache from crying.

    The other annoying thing is that normally DH would say sorry after an argument regardless if it was his fault or not cos he hates it when everything is not hunky dory but this morning he just acted totally normal with no mention of the argument or getting in late or me being a cow and hanging up on him.

    I know i should just let it go and be grateful he's so forgiving and ignoring all my irrational cowness but then again i want him to acknowledge that i was annoyed - i know i know he can't win and it's totally hormones but i;m so not in the mood for anything or anyone today and just want to go back to bed.

    OK i warned you - thanks for listening

    Lisa x
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    I would have been FUMING if I had been in your situation. I can't sleep properly if my DH isn't in which is so not what you need when you are pregnant.

    However, that said, we are in a very emotional place right now and I don't think men really understand how scary it is - I panic about what happens if I go into labour and my DH doesn't answer his phone or respond to the text - which as a result means I get really stressy when he doesn't reply NOW.

    I think you need to sit down and talk to your DH. Say sorry for being hormonal and then try and talk to him about why you were so annoyed.

    Or perhaps try and do something nice for you and have a sleep if you can.

    Hope you feel better


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