Really upset -PMS symptoms showing their ugly head

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by KARMA2011, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Jan 16, 2011
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    Well Im sitting here breaking my heart because Im reaching the point of complete despair now after trying to concieve for now 15 months I REALLY wanted this month to be THE month, we had more sex this month than ever before twice a day every day ALL month nearly killed poor DH but I was determined that I didnt want to miss one day where I could possible miss the egg.

    Even though I tried not to get hopes up I was secretly feeling positive- have had a lot more twinges and cramps this month, feeling a little nauseous REALLY sleepy I mean going to bed early then sleeping a full 12 hours and still not waking refreshed then falling asleep on the couch during mid afternoon :sleep: then yesterday had terrible hearburn all day.

    But it started late last night- my weepiness (that always comes a week before AF) and this morning I had a choclate brownie for breakfast - really fancied it and im never a chocolate lover only when:witch: is on her way. PMS symtoms are hitting me hard when I really thought at last Id get my:bfp: this month.
    Just cant stop crying I knw AF hasnt come and I have to wait till next thu for that but I know my body and recognise these symptoms - just too fed up for words- sorry for the rant- just lost it today:cry:
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    Just to give you a bit of hope a lot of women feel that Af is coming and then get their BFP! Pregnancy symptoms and PMT symptoms can be identical!

    Dont lose hope just yet sweetie! FX for you hun!
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    Don't despair. Pregnancy symptoms can mimic your normal PMS symptoms exactly. With my first pregnancy I couldn't understand why AF was late as I had all my usual symptoms; cramping, wanting chocolate, spots on my face, sore breasts etc. The only thing I didn't have was a migraine, which I do usualy get. We were NTNC so I took a test two weeks later as it didn't even occur to me I might be pregnant - stupid I know.

    Anyway I feel the same way as you today, as my cramping seems more AF than pregnancy, but I know from experience that until AF shows up, there is always a chance as symptoms spotting must be the most inaccurate and upsetting thing we do during the TWW.

    Good luck and try to stay positve Xxx

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