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Discussion in 'TTC After A Loss' started by jellybeanxx, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. jellybeanxx

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    Nov 28, 2011
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    I’ve just had my third chemical pregnancy and wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem? I’ve got two children already and didn’t have any losses that I know of before this time around.
    I have a doctors appointment booked in a couple of weeks but wondering if there’s anything I could be doing to prevent this? I’m not sure what’s changed since I had my other kids other than my age! I’m 36, could that be making a difference?
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    Sep 11, 2019
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    Hi there. I am in the same boat. Just had my 3rd chemical in a row always around a week after i'm due on. Have 2 children aswel. Onto my 10th cycle now.
    I just wanted to you know your not alone, i dont have a positive story but i am hoping to get to see a doctor this week to find out what could be the cause.
    Sending hugs x
  3. LNWXO

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    Nov 12, 2018
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    I’m so sorry you have suffered recurrent miscarriage. I can totally relate. Before my son who was born in 2016 I had 7 recurrent miscarriages before conceiving him. I had one that I got to 7 weeks, but all the others I didn’t get past 6 weeks. It was pretty awful. I had so many tests done, but everything came back fine. I started taking folic acid while trying instead of once I was pregnant, and while planning my wedding that’s when I conceived him. And with this current pregnancy (36 weeks) I had a chemical and then fell straight away with this baby with no period in between. I really have no idea why it happens. I don’t have much advise but I just wanted to share that your not alone, and even though I don’t necessarily know why they happened, just know that I did then fall and have a healthy pregnancy :) xx

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