reduced milk after a cold -when to worry?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by joven, Nov 15, 2011.

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    I'm getting a bit concerned but don't know if I'm just being over the top as a first timer.
    Saturday we ended up at the on call GP as lo was very drowsy and had a high temp all day that calpol didn't help.
    Dr said his throat was red and a bit in his ear too so gave me some antibiotics to be started the next morning if no improvement over night.
    He was still rough so we've started the anti biotics but he's gradully been dropping his milk. Usually he takes 4 x 8 oz bottles a day and some porridge and then some veg and fruit for lunch and fruit for tea.
    Since he's been unwell he has dropped down to 4oz from 8oz so I held off on his weaning in the hope he would up the milk as he needed the fluids more. This had no effect so today he took 4oz then had a small bowl of porridge with fruit puree in (to up the fluid) then he had nothing until about 3pm where we pushed 4oz into him but he didn't really take it well, I tried some fruit just now but only took a few mouthfuls and cried all the way through then as he was due a 3rd bottle we tried that but he wouldn't touch it.
    He is having wet nappies but not the usual bulging obviously in need of a change ones we're used to.
    Today he's had 8oz of milk some porridge and tiny bit of fruit, he may take some more milk later but has just crashed out.
    He seems to be on the mend from the cold but is having loose stool once a day like the old pre weaning consistency, it's not frequent but putting it down to the antibiotics.
    I just don't know at what point do you need to worry about the fluid intake, when does a reduction in intake became a danger? it's not like he's stopped all together but still it's so much less than his usual. Starting to get concerned now.

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