Reflux or Milk Protien intolerance?

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by beetle78, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Hoping someone/many someone's can help...

    We have a 5 week old who has been diagnosed with colic and then reflux.

    GP reccmmended Infacol and prescribed Infant Gaviscon.

    Infant Gaviscon appeared to help with reflux initially, however the daily dosage is obviously limited so we've been giving it to her in 4/5 out of 6/7 daily feeds. Whenever we initially didn't put it in with one of her feeds (she is on Aptamil Comfort) we noticed a stark difference (i.e. she was calm and took her feed with the Gaviscon, and was distressed and sicky and 'battled' with us when being given non-Gaviscon feeds). Over the past few days, there seems no longer to be this distinction - Gaviscon or no-Gaviscon in her feed, it's hit and miss and 50/50 as to whether she'll be in distress/sicky or not.

    Taken to a cranial ostepath twice but little difference from that. Can see the benefits of this therapy but had no impact on our girl for this.

    Several people have said maybe it could be a milk protein allergy (I am lactose intolerant, what little difference that makes) and HV mentioned Pepti Junior as an option. Another HV mentioned Enfamil AR for the reflux. First GP we took her to said 'no' categorically to any milk-related allergy due to lack of diahorrea (sp?!), second GP also discounted it. However, with the greatest of respect, I am a bit dubious about this, because my symptoms with lactose intolerance is chronic tummy pain and constipation rather than diahorrea (sp?!). Who knows.

    Going back to the GP tomorrow to stamp my feet until we get something else to try for her. She's a gorgeous little girl, who has about a good 30mins every morning where she looks happy and is contented. The rest of the day she's really difficult to settle, cries for no apparent reason (hence the colic diagnosis but I'm not convinced it's colic - no pattern to it at all and I've been told that there tends to be a pattern with colic). She's really difficult to settle at night too, whimpers in bed once we put her down, but sleeps happily in our arms/lying next to me in bed (which I am VERY careful about). Yes, reflux starts to improve at 6mths ish, but I cannot take putting her through another 5 months of this 'discomfort'. The first 5 weeks of her life have been really tough for all of us, but her welfare is obviously my priority.

    Oh, and we've tried elevating her bed so it's at a 30degree angle to see if it helps. She's got a mucusy rasp to her breathing, and in my eyes generally looks 'sad' - like something is really causing discomfort. I feel completely helpless and at a loss to know which avenue to push with doctor - continue down AR vein or push to try a formula to see if it's milk-protein allergy.

    Really grateful for anyone's experiences/feedback.

    Thank you...
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    your little girl sounds exactly the same as mine and has got a mucas rasp too and had it since birth!! ive just posted something similar to yours the title says, reflux, constipation, wind and now colic

    it would be good to keep an eye on both of these posts as im in the exact same boat as you and feeling so helpless and miserable for her blee our babies and fingers crossed we find a solution and get better soon :)

    p.s they say colic isnt really treatable and is an unknown cause and to just comfort them through it at times so sometimes it may be best to cuddle them etc for now and when the colic subsides to start putting them in there bed so they dont get used to cuddles in bed etc? xx
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    Hi, my Lo has a milk allergy, he was very unsettled all day and night, bad sleeper. He had colicy symptoms, reflux (milk allergy can cause reflux) he didn't have dioreah, instead he wouldnt poop for a few days then when he did it was explosive. He had mucous in his poop too. He also had heavy breathing, loads of smelly wind, slammed his legs down in pain and scratched at his face. He had a rash on his face too like excma. The first doctor I took him too said he just had bad wind/ colic and reflux but I could tell it was more than this. Another gp confirmed his milk allergy and prescribed different milk, he's like a new baby now so happy :) doctors quite often misdiagnose milk allergy as the symptoms are so similar to colic and reflux. I would get another opinion from a different gp and perhaps suggest a trial for different milk? X

    Eta: my Lo was given gaviscon initially and it constipated him which is quite common so we took him off it then his poo went back to how I.described earlier

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