Remedies for blisters (pics in spoiler)

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    I was invited to an interview on Saturday as a store assistant at 12:40 in which I (stupidly) bought new shoes (patent loafers) but I did put plasters in the usual sore spots.
    I set off at 11:30, by 11:40 they had moved causing discomfort, tried shifting them back but they didn't stick. Come 11:50 my skin had ripped from almost ankle to ankle, completely missing out the bubble stage. I hobbled to Boots and asked for the most recommended plasters for blisters in which I was advised Compeed and they are "super sticky and comfortable with immediate relief". I took her word for it and bought some. Walked outside, placed them on isntantly. 15 minutes later I felt super sharp sores and I looked down - the compeed had shredded and the jelly stuff was bobbled all over my feet and shoes! I had to grit and bear the pain for the rest of the walk and throughout the interview. Struggled the walk back into town but went straight to Boots for a refund and bussed home.

    As soon as I took my shoes off, OH gasped. I felt instant pain, Nothing could touch my feet, I could barely move and my heels were drenched in yellow and orange puss. Later on little orange bubbles started forming. Placed some DuoDerm extra thin on both back of the heels which only stopped pain for an hour, then they became super sore and constantly weeped. I can't wear anything on my feet as any slightest pressure makes me want to cry.

    Yesterday I managed to remove the DuoDerm and applied Savlon on it's own and left it all until bedtime when I put more DuoDerm on to protect them whilst in bed. I also received a phone call in the evening offering me the job (yay but ahh), which I obviously accepted... But I can't wear shoes! And I start tomorrow.

    How can I make these as comfortable as possible? OH said to buy new shoes but I need something which has little contact with the back of my foot.


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