Reverse cycling? And other questions..

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Surreal, Jan 27, 2011.

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    So, considering I'm going back to work here in two weeks, and I co-sleep already... I've been looking into information on Reverse cycling, which is pretty much baby sleeping more hours during the day, and making up for it during the night, when I'm home from work. It's something that would work better for me, as I'm going to a working environment that despite the laws that will allow for pumping... it's just going to be rather impossible to find the time.

    Does anyone have experience with this way of getting around working and still being able to breastfeed? How do you get your child into the habit, before you go back to work? Elijah already has his days and nights figured out, and though he does eat at night, he also will go right back to sleep after eating. Does Reverse cycling change this? Also, I'll only be working part-time; eight hours, three days a week. Will my days off verses my days working make reverse cycling difficult?

    Also, for anyone that possibly nurses on a lunch break with their child; I'm considering asking my employer if it's alright for me to have my baby brought to work during a ten or so minute break, and nursing him. How do you time this around when your baby does feed? Or is it just being presented the breast, that will encourage a baby to feed, since you've been away a couple hours already?

    Any advice greatly appreciated. :flower:

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