Runny nose.

Discussion in 'Teenage Parenting' started by rainbows_x, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Ava was up all night last night. She has a really runny nose - just came out of no-where, she was really unsettled, at 4am I got up with her as she was just laid there, not crying but upset she couldn't sleep. I fed her, sjhe only had 7oz, but obviously that's still good as she normally sleeps 10-10.

    Put her back to sleep at 5.30 and she's awake now.
    When she woke now (gross alert) she had tonnes of dried boggeys & sneezed a couple times & had tonnes of green bogeys come out lol.

    Her temp is the low end of normal & she seems happy in herself, she also has a little cough, but not bringing anything up with it.

    When we feed her sometimes she chokes a little & refuses the bottle from then on, we have a battle for about an hour of patting & rubbing her back and trying to bring up trapped mucuos (when she brings it up, there is tonnes) she did do it lastnight & OH thinks it's coming out through her nose? We were worried it could be fluid trapped on her lungs but obvioiusly don't know?
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    My twins have had quite a few colds and get really bunged up and snotty noses and all the dried bogies in the morning, but its always just been a cold with my two! If it gets any worse take her to the doctor and they will have a listen to her chest! Also try rubbing Vickes vapour rub on her chest and olbus oil on a sheet next to her nose when she sleeps!


    Haven't used it myself because my boys got over their colds by the time I got round to getting some, but next time they have a cold I'm gonna give it a go! xxx

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