Sacral dimple and constipation

Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by Ashobash, Oct 4, 2019.

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    My son has struggled with constipation since he was 2 weeks old. He is now 28 months and is considered a failure to thrive child. He had an ultrasound when he was about 6 months of age due to a sacral dimple on his back. It said the thecal sac was not well assessed due to shadowing from the patients age. Should they have issued an MRI? Does anyone else have problems like this with their child?
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    At that age an MRI would have to be done under general anaesthetic as there's no way to keep a child still enough if they are awake. Unless there were other concerning symptoms they wouldn't think it medically necessary to give a tiny baby such serious drugs as that contained in a General Anaesthetic. Now that he's older, could you request another ultrasound to clarify the situation? Statistically most sacral dimples are completely harmless but worth checking it out if you feel there are other connected symptoms - even if just to put your mind at rest.

    Just FYI, most medical professionals (where I live at least) should no longer be using the phrase "Failure to thrive" but instead use "Faltering Growth". I know not everyone minds the old phrase but for some it can feel like their child will never be successful or able to thrive whereas actually they may be thriving in many areas of their life but just need a bit of help with their growth.
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    Can you see the bottom of the dimple yourself or is it too deep - I am guessing that is why they gave an ultrasound?

    Are you afraid that he may have a tethered cord or something because they failed to properly assess the thecal sac? I know tethered cord can lead to problems with the bladder and bowel, but as far as I know, these problems relate to loss of control of the bladder/bowel rather than constipation.

    How are his gross motor skills? Is he walking/running/jumping, or close to doing so? How is his balance? His general strength?

    If these are all ok, it's unlikely that he has a problem with his back or that something to do with his back is affecting his bowel - you'd be seeing other problems too rather than just bowel issues, if that makes sense.

    I am not a doctor, though. Best thing to do, if you're worried, is get it all properly checked out. Ask for another ultrasound now he is bigger.

    My oldest has a 'forked gluteal cleft' (the top of her bottom is shaped like a Y) which can be a sign of a tethered cord, but she doesn't have it and I was told when she was a baby (and I was worried) that thousands of babies have bottoms like this and nearly 100% them are absolutely fine. As my daughter has grown it's become more than clear there's no problem.

    My youngest has a sacral dimple but it is definitely closed and you can see the bottom of it. I was told this when she was born.

    Neither has ever suffered with constipation. Plenty - LOADS - of perfectly healthy children do, though. Do they know what is causing his growth to fall behind?

    P.S. Both my girls also had lip and posterior tongue tie, which are defects along the midline that are closely associated with funky looking bottoms and sacral dimples. Not entirely sure how it works but it's apparently something to do with how a layer of cells in an embryo folds/doesn't join up quite right - nothing wrong with either of them, they're just a little defective, but not enough to have any issues! :) How's your LO's tongue?
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