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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by MLC20, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Mar 3, 2012
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    My LO is growing up too fast :( We are trying for number 2 and I was told by the specialist I had to give up the one and only feed I was doing each day. I replaced it with a bottle of cows milk and thought she might have a little protest but, no she drank the whole bottle and went straight to sleep.

    On a happier note she made me laugh so much tonight. I went to run her bath tonight but it seems that duck bath has a hole so she had to have a big girl bath. I was running the bath and turned around to check the water temp coming out the tap and before I knew it she had climbed in the bath fully clothed. She was having a lovely time. Thank goodness I'm a bit anal about the temp of the water coming out the tap so the water was the right temp.

    I love my LO she is such a delight and makes me laugh so much
  2. BabyBoyLove12

    Feb 28, 2012
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    :hugs: I only was able to pump, but once my supply got really low and I had to turn to formula it was really rough! But he is happy and healthy and that's what is the most important! You did a great job breast feeding as long as you could :hugs:

    Good luck trying to conceive number 2!
  3. Bevziibubble

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    Aug 19, 2012
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    Your LO is so clever to climb in the bath fully clothed! :haha:

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