Safety concerns while weaning

Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by Palestrina, Nov 17, 2011.

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    I have a bit of a phobia of choking and I am petrified when LO chokes while BF. Solids are looming within a month and I'm so scared that LO will choke. Does anyone prepare by taking CPR classes? How do you get over your fears of choking and how do you handle it when your LO chokes on food?
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    This is still a worry of mine.

    I'd definatley recommend and infant first aid class if you are overly concerned. A few ladies in a toddler group I go to have done them and said the feel more confident should the situation arise where it would need to be used

    With weaning it's best to take it nice and slow and be aware that lots of babies will gag (especially with BLW) and the gag reflex is much much further forward in their mouth than ours. They gag to actually stop themselves choking as gagging helps them learn how to move food around their mouth.

    Altho it is uncommon for them to actually choke it can happen.

    Choking will be silent. The child will quickly turn from red to blue.

    Gagging is noisy and usually followed by a cough or wheeze. A child will sometimes turn a little bit red when gagging but it's totally normal.

    It is so so hard not to worry and panic when they gag but just sit and smile and your LO will probably pick up the offending item and eat it again lol

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