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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by kessutripp, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Hi girls

    I have never used any opk test or other ovulation detector things, so i don't really have a comparison.
    a friend of mine borrowed me a saliva microscope (maybe baby) she's not using any more. it's supposed to pinpoint your ovulation by viewing your level of oestrogen in your saliva. the level of oestrogen in saliva increases prior to ovulation and then after ov it should drop again.
    during non-fertile periods (before and after fertile period obviously) you should see dots in the microscope; during fertile period you should see a fern-like pattern. easy, really.
    and though I'm on my 2ww, I tried it right away. I'm not supposed to be fertile right now. so I expected dots! wrong! it's as fern-like as it can get.

    long story. here comes my question...
    why do I see the fern-like pattern around 10 days after my ovulation (ov was detected by temps plus by cm)? any experience girls?
    is it just not working? too old? my friend has only used it for few weeks since she fell pregnant right away. and she says it worked ok for her...
    is it not working for me - why? how do I know?
    are there other reasons than ov why oestrogen can be high? medical reasons, genetic reasons? I don't have the leaflet with my tester, and don't know what to google either...
    pretty please :)
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    I looked on google for you, and this is what I found. Hope this helps! I wanted to know also so thanks!

    Q: Are ferning patterns observable at other times in my cycle?
    A second second estrogen surge may occur right at the end of your cycle. By monitoring cycle length, and keeping daily results, the second surge should not be confounded with the estrogen surge preceding ovulation. Also, as different women produce differing levels of estrogen, ferning patterns may vary a bit in appearance and duration.

    Q: How do I apply a saliva sample?
    For best results, collect a sublingual saliva sample as saliva glands are located below the tongue. Pull (do not unscrew) the lens from the housing. Collect a dab of saliva and place it on the surface of the lens. Try to avoid making bubbles and allow the sample to dry for at least five minutes before attempting to read results.

    I will give the link to it when I've got enough posts! It won't let me yet.
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    Maybe did you eat or drink something less than 2 or 3 hours before applying your sample? I've seen wonderful ferning patterns on my microscope, only to realize that this has been due to taking vitamins or drinking something other than water before testing...

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