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Discussion in 'Miscarriage Support' started by fallenangel11, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Two days before my birthday my husband and I went to an untra sound scan that we requested at 12 weeks. I had a wonderful pregnancy. A few weeks of morning sickness, some tiredness etc. But overall I felt so happy being pregnant. We had wanted this baby so much...and after two years of court to get joint custody of my hubby's daughter (now my lovely step-daughter) I think it was only fair we get a baby to add to our happily growing family!

    At our scan, we were told that our baby "Pip" had no heartbeat. It was devestating news and I didn't take it well. On my birthday I spent 4 hours waiting in the Emergency Department waiting to book my D&C. The day after my 25th, my hubby held my hand through the D&C (obviously not in the theater, but every moment before and after). It was so hard...just typing this makes me teary..... but we have made it through this.

    And now I think I am ready to say good bye. I loved my baby so much and I want more than anything to still feel "Pip" in my belly....but that wasn't meant to be.

    To say good bye- Hubby and I, along with my family, are going to release 8 sky lanterns (our baby was 8 weeks when he/she died) over the beach. I hope this will be able to bring all of us (especially me) some closure.

    Has anyone else done anything to get 'closure'? How have you said good bye?

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. That is such a beautiful thing to do for your baby :hugs:
    I didn't really do anything to say goodbye but I did buy him a few things for me to remember him by. A blanket and little teddy bear which I keep with his ultrasound pictures. I don't know if I've been ready yet to really say goodbye.
    I am going to New York around the time he would have been born so might do something while I'm there, I'm hoping the big city can inspire something!
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Your idea sounds fantastic. <3
    I just wrote a lot of poems and letters for her, it's all I wanted to do, and felt I could do. It took a while for me to even get to that point though, for the first few months I tried to forget about it.

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