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Discussion in 'Twins, Triplets & Multiples' started by Anna1982, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Anna1982

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    Ive just a few questions really
    I had my sexing scan at 16 weeks and the guy doing it said they believed that the girls are identicle, but split so early they got a sac and placenta each, is that possible?
    he said the membrane seperating them is barely there now,
    is that even possible?

    I did have a 5 week scan where there was just one gestation and yolk sac but nothing else seen and the lady sonographer then went all round the edges of the womb and there was just one
    at 8 weeks 6 days there were two

    I have my 20 week scan tomorrow, will they pick up on the whole possibility or was the other guy way off?

    Im just confised and worried

    the first guy suggested they be dna tested when ive had them to prove either way, is that safe?

    thanks anna
  2. _Vicky_

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    May 22, 2009
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    yes it is although as you had only one at five weeks I would think (just a guess though) that the split would have to occur before this time? although my boys are frats so havent a clue about identicals tbh as the sonographer said this to us at six weeks that they may be identical and split early makes me assume it would need to happen very early. What made him believe they are identical?

    They wont be able to tell you anything about the identicallnes at the 20 weeks scan as you already know you have two of everything which wont change x

    What concerns you? two placentas and two sacs is the type of twin pregnancy that has the least complications - so dont worry (easier said I know)

    Yes you can DNA them once born - I believe that its a saliva swab which is no less safe than spitting lol. We were going to do this but the boys had different colour eyes so that was that question answered

  3. BeckyD

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    It becomes harder and harder to tell if they are identical or not the further you go into pregnancy. The membrances are only a couple of cells thick.
    If identical they would have split before 2 weeks.
    You can DNA test after they are born from a mouth swab.
    It doesn't affect the pregnancy if they are identical or not. The fact you have 2 placentas is great.

    Watch this documentary - there is a big section at the beginning about splitting at different times. In this, they focus on 3 pregnancies - non-identical twins, identical quadruplets (thank god we aren't there!) and triplets with a mix of identical and non.

    It is about 1 1/2 hours long but well worth spending the time when you have a few spare hours. You probably will cry at some point but don't worry its all good.
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    Hey Anna - the ladies have said it all really hun. Good luck and try to relax, your pregnancy is looking very positive to me ;)

    Btw - I noticed you come from Wakefield? I was born there, and brought up down the road in Wath-On-Dearne. Haven't lived up North for 20yrs now, but my parents are still there. My pharmaceutical boss also lives in Wakefield, and she had twins - small world x
  5. Laura2919

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    There is a lady on here I think who had a DNA. It wouldnt be done until after they are born and if there are any issues your scan would detect them anyway. Two sacs and two placentas I doubt it is as its got to be rare.
    Your 5 week scan was very early. I had a scan at 6 weeks and there was only one baby and at 8 there was two and mine are non identicals.
  6. bek74

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    I would say if only one showed at your 5wk scan then it didn't split early, I would say Fraternals. The DNA test is just a saliva swap so it isn't harmful.
    Congrats on your pregnancy and having two seperate sacs and two placenta's is the ideal safest twin pregnancy, so try to relax.

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