scan showed low lying placenta @ 20wks

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by bestforbaby, Apr 6, 2009.

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    hello, is anybody familiar with this?....i've tried researching it on the net and all it's done is scare the hell out of me!!......i was recovering from the shock of being told i'm expecting a girl, believe me it was an incredably elated shock:happydance:.....i wasn't taking alot more in that the sonographer was saying other than all appeared well with my developing baby girl, he had mentioned the low lying placenta and no alarm bells rang untill he said i would need another scan at 32 weeks and if it hadn't corrected itself then another scan at 37 weeks then began explaining possible complications if the placenta was still low-lying at such a late stage in my pregnancy.....from what i've read on-line it would appear that this condition is incredibly rare and potentially serious......i would really appreciate any information from anyone who has had experiences of this themselves....good or bad, don't worry about scaring me, the internet has already done that...i would just really like to know what is going on inside me right now!!!!!:hissy:
    other than this little hiccup i'm feeling great now.....i'm 22 weeks gone and only just started to feel my energy returning, i'm enjoying and making the most of this little burst for as long as it lasts as i know it won't long untill it gives way to exhaustion again:sleep:!!!
    any advice would be massively appreciated:hugs:
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    lots of woman get told this hun, dont google anything eles,if u look bk in old posts theres a few on ere that have had it
    lots of them rise themselves later on in pregnancy, a mate of mine had it all the way thro till the last few wk , she was bleeding/spotting often,but nothing came of it,all was fine with her a baby x
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    The docs have picked up on it and will make sure you get the best possible care, try and not worry about it too much. Sometimes these things move about and theres still time for that to happen.

    I had a low lying placenta 10years ago which wasnt picked up until i got my c section at 42wks i had no spotting or anything, what i didnt know about i couldnt worry about!

    You should maybe give your mw a call and have a chat with her she might put your mind at ease.


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