Second pregnancy question...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by MrsPlaud, Dec 23, 2009.

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    I went to the dr today and he said that the baby is completely engaged...In fact his exact words were WHOA that baby is low!:haha:

    So I am 1 cm dilated and the baby's head is engaged...what now? :shrug:

    With my first I didnt dilate till my water broke at 39 weeks. I know with the first they can engage weeks early but what about second ones? How long were you engaged before you went into labor? Just asking because it could work in our favor if he is here for Christmas so we will have the inlaws to watch our 1st so OH wont have to miss the birth. Any advice and experience appreciated! Thank you!:hugs:

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