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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by FunnyFace, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Hello Everyone :)
    I had my dating scan at 9+6 and had a letter today saying my doctor has asked to book me in for my next scan and it will be a detailed scan and will be at my county hospital, not my community hospital like last time. It will be at 18 weeks. What's a detailed scan and is this normal to be moved from a community hospital to a county hospital when most people i know in my area stay at there community hospital? Thanks in advance! xx
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    I cant say if its normal or not it seems lots of things vary from area to area, but it may be simply that the county hosp has better ultrasound equipment for the detailed scan, or it could be the good old numbers game!!(ie too may bookings at comm hosp so overspill goes to county??)
    Its unsettling when things arent totally ( what you consider to be) normal but I doubt there is a more worrying reason for them sending you to the county hospital.
    If you are worried about anything ring your MW and ask. Then your mind can settle.
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    Everyone in my area gets a detailed scan at around 20 weeks.
    I had one with my dd and it was AMAZING!!!
    You can see everything, from each finger and toe, to the ventricles of the heart!

    As for being moved, I would also guess that they just have better equipment.
    I know my local centre only has a basic ultrasound machine that you can't see any detail with, but my regional hospital has all the great stuff so all my scans are done there.

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