Seeking help with bad SA results please....

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by Lyns, Apr 17, 2009.

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    Hello ladies, I'm new to this section (although not new to the BnB boards). Hope you don't mind me popping in to find a bit of info to help in my and my OH's increasing struggle for a baby.

    I'm and my OH have a lovely 2yo daughter already (her short sweet life has been a huge struggle for her so far, but thats a whole other story), and have now been TTC No2 for 12 months, with one miscarriage in the middle.

    We're both 40 within the next few fairly time-challenged to start with, and I suffer with a luteal phase that is usually 8 days but I have occasionally stretched as far as 11....with a little help from 1000mg Agnus Castus daily and a multitude of other pills and potions. Unfortunately it has been at its shortest since my mc, but my doc won't see me again for a while yet.

    Sadly, we've just had the second set of results from 2 rather awful SA's done on OH (we're under different medical facilities). Motility is and always has been low (which we weren't too overly hung up on, given we had one daughter and managed to get pg again) but the last two SA's have show dramatic decrease in morphology....currently standing at 4%, which I gather is classed as shall we say 'not great at all'. (3 years ago it was 15%, 5 months ago, it was 5%...they decided to repeat on this basis...its now 4%)

    We've been referred to an FS....190 miles away from where we live (thanks to the wonderful British military system) but I'm keen now to do our damndest to improve things whilst awaiting (for god knows how long) our appointment.

    I've been reading about Wellman, Vit C, Zinc, Maca.....all as having a positive effect on sperm results, but am also very anxious not to just 'throw anything I can' at him, as I'm fully aware this isn't always the best mix!

    I'd love to hear any advice anyone can give on improving both his motility and morphology...what he should and shouldn't take, dosage of above supplements, diet...and generally ways to cope with this. I'm a bit lost now amongst the usual TTC thread from people who are still asking what dpo to test on.....have so been there.....sooooooo many times.

    Thanks in
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    Hey hun so sorry to hear about your results:hugs:

    We too have just received very bad news about my husbands SA today, with him only having 7.5mil and not much activity at all

    Im also interested in any advice until our FS appointments. Hope the time for yours comes around really soon and you get lots of answers on where to go from here:hug:
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    hi lynn my dh is 46 im 39 so our clock is ticking he has 2 grown up children with his ex and i have to grown up boys to but my dh hubby has 1% normall sperm !every think else is high and fine just the morpholgy which is bad i think its to do with him being a chef and a sports person in riding bikes anyway he has been taking macca and pycnogenol and lots of vits for 3 months! now he is due a sperm check in 2 weeks:happydance: so keeping my fingers crossed i have read lots of good things about pycnogenol i just hope its improved his morphology oh have lots of sex to and dont wear any underpants ( your hubby of course):happydance:he said it was a bit cold it the winter but now the summer is here is nice and warm round his tackle! good luck lynn keep in touch :hug:
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    Hey hun

    Sorry about the results :hugs:

    We had our first 2 SAs done last summer and DH started taking Wellman, Maca, 1000mg of vit C. He also cut out alcohol, no baths (not even luke warm ones), lost wait and started exercising. Ate Brazil nuts and read the Zita West book as it lists all the good things you can both have to help with fertility.

    His count was very low but had an 800% improvement and the hot baths were killing his motility/morphology but all seems to be improving as a result of his regime.

    We are still on the waiting list for IVF but i believe that miracls could happen in the meantime :happydance:

    Have you considered looking into IVF? Despite low motility/morphology you would most probably be eligible for ICSI (i know it's uber expensive tho).

    Good luck xx

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