Seperation Anxiety or Teething.. Or both?!

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by BellaBlu, Nov 14, 2011.

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    My little man is 7.5 months old, has been crawling for a few weeks and is now standing up on furniture/in his crib.. etc. (So paranoid about him falling over but thats a whole different story!) ..

    His first 2 bottom teeth popped through 2 weeks ago, and he was getting up at 5 every morning (goes to bed at 10) .. that was okay, but for the last 5 nights he's gotten up anywhere between 3-7 times a night. Not just wanting to be soothed but full blown waking up and having to put him back to sleep by feeding, rocking etc. He cries if I walk away from his crib after patting his butt, back etc. Is that like seperation anxiety? It's exhausting when he's up so many times for such long periods of time.. Has anyone else who was reaching milestones/teething etc. had this problem? I'm really paranoid that he might have an ear infection or something (No other symptoms, just frequent wakings and irritable) because we have surgery in a week. I should add that he used to sleep about 11 hours straight, so this is a shock on the system :dohh: Poor little man.
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    I think that this age, they realize they are their own person in this big world, and it does scare them. Night time waking are normal, even if they have been sttn. But, if your LO seems unusually cranky, you might want to have LO checked out (especially if you have surgery coming up). Reaching milestones also effects their sleep, as they 'try it out' when they're suppose to asleep. Could be teething as well... have you check his top gums for signs of teething?
    My best advice is keep doing what you're doing. :flower:

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