she just keeps changing

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by MrsBandEgglet, May 31, 2011.

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    i can't keep up and i just don't know what to do. my lo is going off later and later every night and i'm getting so worried that eventually we're just gonna end up being up all night and asleep all day again. it's gone 11 now and my son gets up at 6am, i daren't even think about what time she'll finally go off, only to most probably wake for her first feed around 3am :dohh: she's clearly full because she's sicking up but she just won't go off, despite having fallen asleep once already she's now wide awake and clinging onto the breast. she's getting worse not better and we can't function like this. my son is not getting the best of me because i'm lucky if i'm getting three hours of sleep a night before he wakes up and the day starts all over again :cry::cry:
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    Ouch! Kids are terrible sleep wreckers - and newborns can sleep all day and awake all night, as you describe. Which is terrible! And when you have two to care for, and an early riser toddler - it's a recipe for tired tired mummy.

    Can you feed her in bed? Because many mums find that if they can doze while feeding, it's not as bad. And if you fall asleep while feeding on the sofa, that's massively dangerous. It's much better to plan for co-sleeping than to unintentionally sofa sleep.

    Going to bed at 6pm, expecting to feed for several hours before falling asleep yourself, can really help.

    Making sure baby gets some daylight will help her to arrange her sleep/wake patterns.

    And getting help and support with the house and the toddler is really vital.
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    6 week growth sprut alert!!!! I did not care for this one AT ALL :wacko: I agree that co-sleeping can help massively. Have you started her with a bedtime routine yet? That helped us settle Erin in the beginning.

    At this age, I would say feed her when she asks for it, but she may be comfort sucking a lot too. We gave Erin a dummy when this started and also helped.

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