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Discussion in 'Birth Stories & Announcements' started by Teri7489, Jul 5, 2019.

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    Well it's been an exciting (and sore) few days but so worth it.

    Tuesday the 2nd I was rushing around trying to get the last bits sorted before my elective section on the 5th. Exhausted i went for a shower and noticed I had lost my plug - eww btw! Had nothing else going on so off to bed I went to relax. I had an awful sleep, lots of pressure down there and needed the loo constantly. By morning I was a little concerned I was starting labour so phoned triage who said to go in. Long wait with tightening every 10 minutes wasn't fun but it turned out my cervix was still closed and baby high. I was admitted for monitoring just in case and I'm so glad I was. I was given pain relief at 5pm as contractions were starting to get sore and by 9pm I was breathing heavily through them. I was panicking I would deliver naturally (had 4th degree first time and section second) so begged them to check me. The midwife didn't check, she simply sat next to me listening to heartbeat and feeling for contractions. 11pm came and the contractions were every 3-4 minutes and very painful but still they left me. Finally at half past 1 they done an internal which showed I was 4cm. Not so advanced but enough for them to freak and get me down for an emergency section. By the time I was in theatre and ready to deliver I was contracting every 2 minutes and at 6cm. Baby Abigail Rose was born at 2:31am weighing a healthy 7lb. I'm very sore today but got home. Still annoyed they allowed me to progress in agony only to do a section in the middle of the night anyway but it's done now. We are both safe and well so I suppose that's all that matters.

    Now off to get sterilised! Lol
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    Congratulations on your baby girl hun! I'm glad they done the section when they did! X
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