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Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by xx Emily xx, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Hey ladies

    Well oh and I are WTT until 28th feb as this is after my hen weekend, but the last week/2 we have been very lazy with using protection and on 3 occasions have used nothing.

    I think I ovulated on monday as I got a positive ovulation test (the clear blue ones that give you a 48 hour ovulation window). I have been doing tests randomly around the time I think I should ovulate to get an idea for when we TTC next month.

    Well on weds and thurs I was getting lots of butterflies in my tummy (which may have been nothing), but just made me wonder.

    We also didnt use protection yesterday. If I ovulated on monday am I now 5dpo?? and could I have got pregnant yesterday if I ovulated on monday?

    AF is due between 8th and 12th feb judging by previous cycles.

    Sorry for all the questions, I've never done this before!!

    Em xxx

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