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    Hi Ladies, well My Oh & I had our consent signing yesterday morning, after lots of questions and the usual form signing she asked what day I was on I replied 17. Obviously I assumed that I would start my treatment on CD 21 of my next cycle .. how wrong I was she has booked me to start my treatment on CD 24 which is next Monday.

    She faxed my perscription off yesterday and my drugs arrived at my work address this morning.
    She also booked me in for a scan to see how things are going on April 29th.

    My concerns are that I have never heard of somebody starting on CD 24 before, does those 3 days make a difference in your experience ?

    Is it usual to DR for 17 day before being scanned, I had assumed that I would be scanned maybe a week into DRing to see if everything ok ?

    I think Im just flapping at the speed of all this - I never thought Id say the NHS were quick but this is really quick.

    Any advise would be much appreciated.

    P.S. For anybody who was reading the single embryo transfer thread that CurlySue posted, I said Id update you on how Birmingham Womans Hospital follow their SET policy - after a lenghty discussion with the FS I was told that they follow the policy completely and make no exceptions, I asked what happened if I had poor embryo quality, would they put back two then and was swiftly told no !! With the new grading if all embryos' fell below 2.2 then no transfer would take place.

    Was a little shocked obviously by this but it was apparent that their was nothing I could do about it - except pray that One embie is enough ...


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