Sick quite often after food

Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by vjm89, Jan 28, 2011.

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    my LO is 7 months old and was weaned at 6 months. As a lil baby he has always been a little bit sick after his bottle but not a reflux problem. He seems to be sick quite a lot after his food (bottle and solids). I first thought maybe he was being over fed but reading other mums feeding routines for their babies of similar age he's eating the same. He's very active and just learnt to crawl, i do find t hard to keep him still after his food but even if he is still, the food/milk still comes up. I'm off to see a HV on Wednesday to get some advice but am a bit worried so thought if anyone's has any advice or a similar problem could you help please

    Thank you
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    Hi hun, your LO is a happy spitter, & it's normal for the spits to go for some time. Give it some time & it will settle. DS was suffering from reflux & it was under control at around 6 months, but the milk & solid spits went on until he was around 8 months when he started to eat more solids. What helped is leaving a space of 1.5-2 hrs between milk feeds & solids & avoiding offering him water with solids & straight after solids. If he's moving around after eating, spitting is very normal.

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