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Discussion in 'Natural Parenting' started by mummyclo, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. mummyclo

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    So we had been using sposies at night until he started out weeing those!! :blush:
    I tried a WNNN with extra zorb last night with a fleece on top and it worked great! The outside of the WN was wet but the fleece was dry! :happydance:
    So how does that work?and would wool be the same? as his WN is huge i can't get any clothes over his butt! :rofl:
    I wanted to get some wool longsies to keep him warm, but will they work?
  2. Kaites

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    May 21, 2009
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    The fleece works because it's not an absorbant fabric- it repels the moisture. Wool is even better because the lanolin helps repel the moisture but the wool also kinda absorbs any moisture that does pass through it (if that makes any sense, lol). Personally, I think that wool works better than fleece because it's a bit more breatheable than fleece so you've got more chance for pee evaporation to take place. We often use wool longies instead of PJ pants :)

    hth :flower:
  3. mummyclo

    mummyclo Guest

    Thankyou! That helps a LOT! I have got my eye on a few lovely wool longsies on etsy! :happydance:

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