Sleepy Baby - milk dried up?

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Shifter, Apr 8, 2009.

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    A little background for context here. Jack got off to a slow start, he wouldn't latch on so the MWs in hospital advised using nipple shields, saying that my nipples were a bit flat. So we used shields. They hurt like hell as they were prone to slipping as he got hold of them, but he did start feeding.

    After a few days that stopped being so effective so we introduced expressed milk through an oral syringe in combination with the shields and he seemed happy to feed every three to four hours for a few days.

    But he had lost almost 14% of his birth weight by day 6 and so we introduced expressed milk in a bottle with a teat, figuring that the shields had already caused nipple confusion so there was nothing to lose. That was great as we could really see how much he was taking and 24 hours later when the MW returned to weigh him again he had gained 120g :happydance:

    That evening he latched on without a shield! It was like a switch was flicked and we both suddenly "got it". He continued to take ten minute feeds every three to four hours for over 24 hours and it seemed to be going very well. The next weigh in 2 days later and he had gained another 80g.

    Then he seemed to find it more difficult again, since yesterday he fusses around the nipple, if anything being too eager and lunging at my boob without taking enough of it in! When he does latch on well he feeds fine for a few minutes then drifts off. He will start sucking again if I stir him but drifts off again very quickly. He does seem to be sucking, his jaw will be going, but I don't hear him swallowing so I'm not sure he really is drawing down much milk and may just be comfort sucking in his sleep. The upshot of this is screaming for food minutes after putting him down. We had a rough night last night with him seemingly hungry right through the night despite spending several hours total at my breast.

    I've heard people mention tongue tie. Could this be the problem and if so what is it?!

    Thanks in advance.
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    I had this during the day yesterday - and by night time he was ok.
    I'm looking into getting my little guy a paci, as I believe it's just comfort feeding.

    I'm not sure about the tongue tied thing.
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  4. Shifter

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    I don't think he has tongue tie then, looking at that link. It's getting very frustrating now :hissy: Well, both MW and HV are coming tomorrow so hopefully one of them can point us in the right direction.
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    So I decided to get back to expressing, after not doing so for a day and found that my pump just wasn't drawing much. I got about 10ml in half an hour of trying :cry: no wonder Jack has been so hungry.

    My MIL is a MW and hubby spoke to her and she suggested that it's a temporary reaction to stress and the fact that my body is fighting this infection in my section wound.

    So we have put Jack on formula to give my body a chance to recover a bit. I hate to do it but obviously can't have Jack going hungry. I'll wait few hours then try to express again.

    My MW and HV are both coming tomorrow so hoping to get lots of support there but I'm pretty down right now :cry:
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    hugs, do you know anyone whos close to you and lactating that can give you pumped milk rather than formula?
    i remember faith was too keen and used to kind of hang off of my nipple, it took days of chilling out in bed lots of skin to skin and for her mouth to get a bit bigger for things to click....
    on the expressing front i can sometimes get 12oz and other times i get 2oz try not to worrie too much pumps cant get milk out like babies can.

    will be thinking of you
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    Things seem to have improved a bit today. I expressed over night and got a bit more and put Jack back on my breast this morning and he's been feeding pretty well all day with top ups of EBM and a little formula (I don't know anyone who is lactating).

    The HV was really positive and said not to worry about my milk as that will likely slow production, so relax lots while feeding and expressing. She also said that babies often get more sucking straight from the breast than can be got with a pump.
  8. Dani_b

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    sounds similler to what katie is doing and she has got a tounge tie

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