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    Dec 3, 2007
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    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with these? Im dieting and excercising but I dont think im going to be able to get rid of this jelly belly?
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    Jan 7, 2008
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    I think they are a complete waste of money sorry hun (havent used the actual "slendertone" one but had a similar thing that came in a briefcase with stimulating pads on elasticated straps with conductive gel)

    I almost electrocuted myself with these a long time ago...

    I was laying on the floor in front of the TV with the pads on my stomach & someone knocked at the door so I tried to turn the machine off & accidentally turned it up HIGH instead of down & off!! (was a dial thingy) :shock: OMG! the pain was unbelievable!! :shock:

    so my instinct was to grab the offending pads and rip them off my stomach... just as they emitted another excruciating pulse through my hands!! :shock:

    SERIOUSLY - I almost hit the roof and burst into tears :cry: it was soooooooooooo painful I could hardly breathe :cry:

    Ive never ever used the machine since then :rofl: im laughing now coz I realise it sounds funny but im not kidding when I say it was the worst pain ive ever felt (bearing in mind ive given birth before)

    Even if we dont count the electric shocks... they wont do anything that proper sit-ups wont do lots better xx

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