small baby and low AF

Discussion in 'Gestational Complications' started by jojo23, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Hi all had my 20 week scan last week which showed my baby was measuring smaller than it should be, its about 2 weeks behind. and also theres not a lot of amniotic fluid around LO. sonographer said organs and structure of baby look perfect itsjust the growth she's concerned about. im quite small myself only 5'2 as is all my family and none of us were big babies at birth neather was boyfriends but im worried about the fluid. she didnt give me any information on this either so im just trying to plod along and hope for the best. drinkin lots of water as ive heard this helps! im back in 2 weeks for another scan so im praying to god things are better. also have an anterior placenta so im not really feeling LO move alot. any advice would be greatly appreciated as im just up the walls with worry!!
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    Hi Hun,

    I'm afraid i can't help with the low AF but have also heard that it can replenish. As for 2 weeks behind, most sonographers/MW's wouldn't be too concerned with 2 weeks but would follow up with a routine scan soon after just to be careful - which is good news for you :)

    As for the placenta, mines anterior too and it was only 22ish weeks i felt stronger movements, the best way to feel them is to lie on your back and apply light pressure with a flat object (like the back of a remote control) on the lower part of your tummy, just above the pelvic bone.. sometimes Lo will be sleeping though in which case nothing... i find about 5mins after eating or drinking juice etc..

    You could always try phoning the midwife for a quick chat?

    Hope everything goes ok xx

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