So bittersweet my last baby will be 1 year old tomorrow

Discussion in 'Postnatal Support' started by snicss, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Jun 5, 2011
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    I am brand new to baby and bump, but thought I would post my feelings about having the "last" baby! I have 3 boys, ages 14, 12 and the baby who will be 1 tomorrow. I was just telling my husband how I am soooo happy and blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy, children, but I am sooo having a hard time ending the child bearing chapter of my life. I will be 40 in a few months and mentally and financially I know 3 is the perfect number for our family, but in my heart I feel there is room for 1 more.
    I also wish I could go back in time and re-live those special magical first moments after giving birth and being in the hospital. For some reason the time spent in the hospital after delivering, will always be a very memorable and magical time in my life that I will never forget.
    I know I should be thrilled that the last baby, is growing up big and strong, but somehow I wish I could just freeze any of you feel the same way?? I really feel like this past year has flown by,,,, I guess I can hope to be a grandmom one day..... thanks for reading!
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    I know just where you are coming from :hugs:

    I have just had my 3rd child, a Daughter to add to my 2 Sons :cloud9:

    From the start, she was my last, im 35 now

    However, when she was a couple of months old, I started getting broody ~ Have now decided 'just one more' :winkwink:

    But, like my DH said, what if after another you still have those feelings :wacko: I probably will, but after 4 csections it just wont be possible!

    Sorry not much help, just want you to know you are soooo not alone :hugs:

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