so confused, is this reflux?

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by TennisGal, Dec 15, 2009.

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    DD had a horrible, horrible episode in the small hours of Monday morning - she was choking on some spit up (some 4.5 hrs after feeding) and I can't even begin to say how worrying it was. She did a huge posset, and when in A&E the doc said he thought it would be a one-off, but if not, could be reflux. He thought unlikely as she has shown NO symptoms thus far.

    However, recently I have noticed this:

    1. Looser/watery stools
    2. Spit up that smells like acid and looks curdled in mucous, was previously just sweet smelling and milk
    3. Screaming when put down - not all the time
    4. More sunken fontanelle
    5. Hiccups after feeds
    5. More grizzly
    6. Makes sucky noises with tongue out
    7. Weight maintaining rather than gaining for the last wk

    Does this sound like reflux? Does anyone have any ideas? I am taking her to the docs shortly, but I'd like fellow Mummy thoughts, too...! Wouldn't it have appeared by now? She's 11 weeks...

    I'm really worried, after the episode on Monday am, I've become a nervous wreck.

    Any ideas? Her temp is fine, she's smiley and happy when it's play time, she does good pees and poos are same number as previous.

    Thank you
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    could be, its quite common, just depends on how severe it is. i would have thought you would have seen the symptoms before now though, as my lo has it badly and it started at around 2 weeks old when our breastfeeding really kicked off. my lo is sick at every feed and after feeds consistently. he also arches his back and cries sometimes whilst trying to feed. he often wakes himself up by being sick/choking in his basket. i often have to feed him again straight away as he is hungry again. my lo cries alot around 20mins after every feed.

    it might just be wind? which can cause the same symptom sometimes? it gets trapped then sometimes brings up milk when it eventually surfaces. i'm sure your doctor will help, especially if she is not gaining weight. :hugs:

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