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Discussion in 'Pregnancy After A Loss' started by Hoodini, Aug 22, 2010.

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    On aug 4th i had a confirmed bfp by blood test. On the night of aug 7th, I started spotting and on aug 8, full bleed leading to mc. Drs confirmed chemical pregnancy but didn't say we couldn't start trying again right away. I feel as though my ovulation schedule is completely out of whack right now. I've been trying to watch cm changes but I'm worried I either haven't ovulated this month or completely missed it.

    I feel like I've also started having some pregnancy symptoms again (nauseous in the morning, tracks of bright blue veins across my chest and horrible, teenage skin) but I'm worried it's all in my head. Is it possible to get pregnant so soon after mc? My lmp was july 6th (that was 2 days late). Any thoughts or suggestions would be really appreciated!
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    Sorry for your loss Hoodini :hugs:

    The only way you will know is a pg test - after a mc your hormones can be a bit loopy and as it the same hormones that give you pg symptons it means you can feel pg again - it's just you can't trust the signals. Same for ov - you may have gone straight back to normal but you can't trust that the hormones aren't out of whack and giving false signals.

    I would count the bleed of you mc as the start of your new cycle for August and do a pg test to either confirm that you are def not pg so you can go on with ttc knowing that any future bfp is a new pg, or, if it is positive, ask your gp to do quantative hcg tests to determine that it is a new pg or not. It is poss to get pg straight after a mc tho so you never know :flower:

    Hope you get your bfp soon


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